Ecovillages in Germany

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The contemporary communitarian movement in Germany started in the course of the movement of the 1960s. The K1 and K2 (Kommune 1 and 2) in Berlin pointedly turned the search for an emancipated life against the more conventional social and sexual lifestyle of a movement, which pretended to revolutionize late capitalism.

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Ecovillages in Italy

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Utopiaggia is an eco-village in Italy, but it is not Italian. Unfortunately. One of our children, which now lives with his family in Berlin, used to say when we went by car to the ice cream parlor in the small town down in the valley: "Now we're going to Italy". He was not entirely wrong. 
However, today, three decades later, we also feel part of the ecovillage movement in Italy and are a member of RIVE of the "Rete Italiana Villaggi Ecologici".


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Today communal living is almost always an activity on the left, a striving for liberté, egalité, fraternité. The political right is generally in favor of preserving what it considers traditional values; to experiment with new ways of life and work is thus correctly perceived as to be more part of the left.

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