In May 2020 we planted an orchard. 6 apple, 6 pear, 6 cherry, 6 apricot, 6 peach, 4 plum and 3 fig trees. Old, local varieties in the hope that they can better resist the pests. What will we do with all the fruit, once the trees begin to produce? This question will not come up for the next two or three years and we are confident to have an answer by then.


We didn't understand anything about olives when we landed here almost forty years ago. However, the more than 400 trees on the property wanted to be worked on and maintained.

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Its beginnings of our pottery go back to the Barhof in the Seventies of the last century The evolution of the workshop but above all of its products is associated with one name; in all these years Ingrid has continued this craft with great persistence, growing skills and great creativity.